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List Of Various WooCommerce ShortCodes and its Usage
List Of Various WooCommerce Short Codes and its Usage

Now, let’s see what each type of shortcut can do and how to make the most of them:

1. Page Shortcodes

Normally, WordPress comes with 4 default pages with the shortcuts included so you won’t need to manually add them. However, if for some reason that wasn’t the case, you could recreate the pages with the shortcodes and clarify them in the settings.


It’s used for the cart page and it helps to show the cart content once your customers add products to their cart. Moreover, it also displays the interface for coupon codes, cart bits and pieces, and other elements for a standard cart page. This is a simple shortcut, so you don’t add any more conditions or parameters to it.


Once your customers have collected all the products/services they want, they will click check-out, and this is when the checkout shortcode comes into action. It will display all the necessary information that the shopper needs to see before checkout such as payment method, billing info, shipping info, etc. This is also a simple shortcode that doesn’t accept any additional arguments.

My account

Customers should be able to see and modify their profile details, such as name, email address, password, as well as their order details such as shipping and billing address. With this shortcut, users will be able to view, edit, and update those details. Moreover, it contains an argument that will display information about the current shopper.

Order Tracking Form

Unlike the previous three page shortcodes, this one isn’t automatically generated by default but you can add it so that your customers can see and track the status of their ongoing orders. If they want to check the status of an order, the shoppers must input their order details in the Order Tracking Form.

You can use this WooCommerce shortcode for an individual page or combine it with other shortcodes to display the tracking form. For instance, you may use this shortcode on the My Account page to let your customers access the tracking form.

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